iPhone 8 Chip Come With 7nm Technology

September 28, 2016 | News

iPhone 8 Chip

iPhone 8 Chip – In addition to Samsung, TSMC is a major supplier of components for Apple’s processor chip. And the latest news says if TSMC is now working on a chipset manufactured by 7nm technology for Apple. Predicted chipset that will be used in the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Chip

Using 7nm tech chip will enable the incorporation of compounds of silicon chips and semiconductors together. Resulting in a chip that is cheap and much more compact. Even more powerful.

That then raises a presumption that 7nm processor chip that is now produced by TSMC will be used in the iPhone 8. What is that Apple in the iPhone 8 will implement a more streamlined body design, by leading to the concept of a thin frame, the battery thinner than the iPhone 6S. And it certainly requires components with different architecture than previous iPhone series.

Apple’s previous partnership with TSMC related supplies reservations 16nm and 10nm processor chips. And now, it seems ready to continue to chip 7nm, where production is reported to have already begun. Customer or vendor rumored smartphone can book and use this chipset early next year.

Apple mentioned peg TSMC for chip processor can prepare orders 7nm before 2018. Making it possible for Apple to work with the iPhone 8 Apple A12 processor chip 7nm. Surely it would make more sense if the chip 7nm it will be for the iPhone 8, not the iPhone 7, because of the tight time schedule for the launch.

Will the combination the latest technology of chip and display will make the iPhone 8 better?


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