iPhone 8 New Screen Technology

September 28, 2016 | News

iPhone 8 Screen Technology

iPhone 8 Display

iPhone 8 Screen – Although still two years away iPhone 8 will be introduced, but the rumor that discusses the question of these phones have started circulating. Mentioned, Apple would carry the new screen technology on the successor to the iPhone that the 7S.
Apple is known to be adopting OLED display on the iPhone. But the use of such technology is not long. Because the original company’s Cupertino, California, United States that was central to develop new display technology for embedded on the iPhone.

iPhone 8 Display

Apple developed screen technology called micro-LEDs. This technology uses pixels smaller than LCD or LED backlit.

Benefits, micro-LEDS provide a richer color and number of pixels more at the same size. In addition any low power komsumsi. Like OLED, technology micro LED-backlight does not need additional space, thus providing a more airy. As a result of allowing Apple iPhone can make thinner again.

The current process of research ongoing micro-LED Taiwan. In its development of its own, Apple would capitalize on the intellectual property and know-how of manufacturing LuxVue Technology that they buy in 2014. Expected this technology started to be applied in the upcoming 2018.



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