iPhone 8 Plus Battery Problem

October 6, 2017 | Tutorial

iPhone 8 Plus Battery Problem Troubleshoot

iPhone 8 Plus Battery – A number of iPhone 8 Plus owners have shared some images of their new iPhones burst open which possibly due to battery failure. A new report suggest that there are currently six burst open iPhone 8 Plus incidents. There no word from Apple regarding the issue just yet.

According to the iPhone 8 Plus owners reports, we can say that these devices were charged using official cables from Apple. So we can’t blame the owners for this but we can’t also conclude that Apple cables are the problems. There’s no comment from the company about the battery swelling issue, but we will keep you updated.

There are currently six separate reports of the iPhone 8 Plus battery issue to date, from swelled batteries, detached screen from the iPhone’s body, deformed iPhone 8 and more.

The good news is that an Apple spokesperson said the company was looking into the issues. So it would be best to wait for the investigation’s results before making conclusions about the iPhone 8 Plus battery problem.



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